Beer Can Collecting

Beer Can Collecting is alive and well. The internet is helping to bring together collectors, buyers and sellers of the vintage beer, brewery collectables and even soda can fans.

The first beer can was produced in October, 1935 by the American Can Company and Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company.
Although the prohibition years put a damper on beer cans and brewery collectables, the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s provided a wealth of great collectable items that capture the spirit and style of those eras.
During the 1970s, the beer can collecting hobby took off with thousands of collectors beginning collections and starting the valuable process of preserving these classic icons.

Money Making Hobbies

Turn Your Hobby Into Cash....

Hobbies should always be something you thoroughly enjoy, bringing a quiet oasis to your hectic lifestyle. And, if this enjoyable pastime brings in a little income, you profit in more ways than one.
Do you love sports? Bowling, tennis, skiing? Are you good enough to go professional? Anything worth doing is always hard work but well worth it. If you don’t make it to professional status, teaching your skill can bring you satisfaction and some extra money. Get started by advertising your expertise in your local newspaper, at your sporting goods stores, and on grocery store bulletin boards.
Into crafts? Craft shows and festivals are popular across the country year round. Who can resist a hand-made sweater, shawl, or baby blanket? Work at your leisure year round, concentrating on what time of year you want to display your wares. Then, check out local schools, churches, and clubs for dates of their shows. Word of mouth will give you a good indication of the more popular fairs and festivals that will be appropriate for you.

Do you have a flair for art? How about caricatures? Advertise your services for children's birthday parties or set up a table at street fairs and flea markets and see how many people you can attract.
Have a love of history? Volunteer at a local museum and learn as you go. When a paying position becomes available, you’ll be first in line and already trained.
Do you love gardening? There are many shut-ins and the elderly who can't tend their gardens anymore but still appreciate the beauty they bring into their lives. Offer your services for a small fee and earn some spending money while doing something you love to do.
Your local high school, college, or library might be interested in your talents for their Evening Classes.
cooking or cake decorating
musical instruments
You may have to start off on a volunteer basis, but this could possibly open doors to a paying position as a private tutor.
Your love of animals could lead you to a side business of pet walking or pet sitting.
Contests are always fun and can be profitable.
Collectibles can bring in a steady income. Buying, selling, and trading on E-bay is a fun way to make some money. Traveling to antique shows, flea markets, and collectible shows are great ways to get started, meeting people with like interests along the way.

Scrapbooking hobby

The hobby of Scrapbooking is the collections of photographs, clipped newspaper articles, ribbons, party invitations and other keepsake mementos. These collections are then stored in books and three ring binders.

Todays scrapbook supplies provide great options for creating a long term treasure. High quality paper, simple and clean glue dots or double sided tape. Colorful and reinforced binders and covers to protect your treasures.
You can pick up basic supplies at your nearby Walmart or grocery store. Or, you can head towards an arts and crafts store like Jo-Ann's for scrapbooking specific starter kits.
Scrapbooks can be organized in any manner you choose. Maybe following a child through their life. Maybeone centered around a family reunion. Another, celebrating a wedding. Choosing a theme will also help set the tone for the supplies that you will want to use.

Book Collecting hobby

Reading has always been an enjoyable activity providing a means to escape into fictional worlds with powerful heroes and evil villains, unlimited adventures and unforgettable stories. Reading also provides the means to expand your knowledge through non-fiction, biographies, and trade magazines.

But avid readers shouldn't overlook the pleasures of rare book and magazine collecting. Book Collecting offers a number of related activities that can provide hours of fun, expose you to new authors and reading material, and meet and interact with fellow collectors of similar interests online and at collecting conventions.
Pre-Internet book collecting relied on hunting through the dusty shelves of used bookstores, hitting garage sales and flea markets, and occasionally having your local used bookstore do a formal book search. This proved quite limiting depending on your local bookstores and many of us were never exposed to huge areas of collecting.
Post-Internet book collecting is entirely different. Web-based book search engines such as Alibris and ABEbooks have linked thousands of used book sellers together so that just about any book you could want, if available from someone, somewhere and its only a few mouse clicks and a credit card charge away.
Also, through various fan websites, e-zines and online articles, we are now exposed to more authors, genres, and publishers than ever before. We are only limited now by our interests and time limits.
Book collecting can take many different formats. For the most part, you can dive right in, tracking down your long lost favorite books with the Book Search options.
For those who enjoy collecting rare, first edition items, the internet provides access to those resources as well.

By trade and season hobby

mine are: Varies by season.

knee boarding, tubing, power boating, wakeboarding
riverboating, exploring and just enjoy the scenery
Hunting, a little fishing when not hunting
4 wheeling with ATVs
Amateur Radio (Ham radio)

Costs of a hobbie can become more of an issue than the time spent on it.
Most of my hobbies seem to fall under the heading of Crafting. But to me they aren't just hobbies. We have a

website and sell our items... so they have also become a business.
Beadwork (traditional indian and other forms)
Jewelry making (including the ancient wire working)
Yard Saleing! (yeah, that's a hobby!)
Leather work (both traditional indian and other)
Snowflakes (I collect them)
Forums (I enjoy them!)

Special hobbies taken up by men

Special hobbies taken up by men, in general are:

1. football or any other sport,
2. computers – Today every thing of yesteryears has been changed by computer revolution. There is much more than just games… It in fact opens a great large window of knowledge for every one.
3. movies,
4. traveling
5. driving
6. riding motorbikes
7. mountain climbing
8. photography – there is much more than just clicking. There are various types like still photography, digital photography and various techniques like adjusting range, light and shadow, printing techniques.
9. reading – Book are treasure of knowledge and this hobby will certainly come helping a long way in life.
10. playing cards (which may even lead to gambling and addiction)
11. fishing, especially in the case of extremely calm people
12. playing chess or backgammon, or GO

Womens interests hobbies

According to age, I can say that girls and later women are interested in:

1. fashion
2. cosmetics
3. astrology, yoga, magic
4. cooking
5. child care
6. diets
7. natural remedies
8. knitting
9. sewing
10 modeling
11. dancing
12. jewels

Most courageous Special hobbies

The most courageous ones may take up extreme sports like:

1. bungee jumping
2. hang gliding
3. parachuting
4. windsurfing
5. hot air ballooning

young age hobbies

These hobbies can be taken up by both boys and girls.

Teenagers change their hobbies or add new hobbies to the list. Now we can talk about a list of hobbies and interests. They are mainly having following Interests:
1. music, dancing, disco : they have usually a model in life from the showbiz and they collect everything about them
2. Sport, even extreme sports. Those can be divided into indoor sports and out door sports.
3. fitness, especially those girls or women who are afraid of putting on weight
4. cars and scooters – not just the driving but gaining detailed knowledge about their parts, different specifications of different models, their functions etc.
5. computers, not necessarily games : they are interested in chatting with friends, sometimes with friends from other countries made on the internet
6. movies, actors and actresses

Even ideas hobbies

There are a lot of hobby ideas; you may even make a list of hobby ideas:

1. body painting
2. underwater photography
3. rice sculpture
4. exploring extra sensorial capacities, through different methods like hypnosis
5. aerobics in the water
6. animal communication
7. making stunts
8. cooking zany food
9. making robots
10. stars watching
11. taming wild animals
12. exploring volcanoes and underwater caves
13. hobbies related to the religions of the world
14. traveling and exploring exotic countries.

Childrens hobbies

let’s start a list of hobbies according to age. When we are small children, our hobbies may be:

1. playing computer games: there are kids who don’t do to the kitchen for eating, they ask for their food to be taken in front of the computer, and they are terribly angry if somebody disturbs them when they play a game
2. watching cartoons: a lot of kids watch cartoons so that they learn their replicas by heart. Cartoons which lead to hobbies are Disney ones and recently Scooby-Doo.
3. taking up different sports: football, handball, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball
4. playing a musical instrument: piano, guitar
5. looking after a pet: cat, dog, hamster, fish, parrot
6. bird watching, which means getting ready with binoculars and lots of patience and climbing mountains in order to watch eagles, for example
7. horse riding
8. collecting things: stamps, badges, postcards, pens

What is a Hobby?

Hobby is a thing that we do for our amusement in our leisure time.Life would be very boring without hobbies; we would appear like robots, without feelings, like color blind creatures, like aliens on our own planet. Hobbies give sense to our existence.Since early childhood we have a daily routine, since our first nursery school day. Therefore, in order to keep a balance between busy moments and free time we take up hobbies.We could talk about a long list of hobbies or about a list of hobbies and interests. These lists are different, depending on factors like age, sex, region, family background, education or personality.
Family background is also important in taking up a hobby. For example, in a family where one of the members is an artist, it is very probable that their children or sportsperson have the same hobbies or interests.

Hobbies depend on personality. A choleric person could never take up a hobby like making models, as he a she would not have the patience necessary.
Actually, life is great and you can make a hobby out of the most insignificant thing, with a little imagination, and it will help you have a positive thinking, and you even might consider you a happy person, even if from philosophical point of view happiness can be reached very rarely and only by a few people.

Coin collecting hobbies

The most intresting and searching hobby is collecting of coins. You can collect differnts countries coin and make it your hobby. It is the most intresting because you collect coins and increase your knowledge about the coins of different countries.You collect coins from your nears Areas or collect by making a group of your friends.
    The group is most intresting thing for this hobby. All of friends search togather and find differents coins. So Keep in tuch...

Gardening hobbies

Gardening is the best hobby to keep yourself near the nature.This hobby as compared with others is not cotly.You get seeds of differnt flowers and sow them in a small plants.You should water the seeds daily.After the few days, the small plants begin to peep outside.And after few days you see flower beds ready to open their mouths.Soon after this when you found yourself standing in the company of differnt colourful flowers these flowers emit sweet fragrance.
I hope you look after the flowers very well and enjoy the beauty of these flowers. whenever you get tired or become sad, you go there and sit in the company of these attractive flowers.
So keep this hobby up...

Sarving Parents hobbies

The most beautiful hobby in the world is that.We should serve our parents and make better futhure with there prayers.In spear time serve you mother or father by chating with them about there life or your keep it up..

Friends cheating hobbies

Chating with friends also intresting hobby and many young boys join this. In our spear time we go to our friends or connect with them online and make some chatiing.Keep friends in tuch and enjoy this hobby....

Books Reading hobby

The best hobby in the world is reading the books. It is depanding on you that what kind of  book you decide for reading. Some peoples join this hobby but not intreast in information books. So keep smile and be tuch the books for your information..