Childrens hobbies

let’s start a list of hobbies according to age. When we are small children, our hobbies may be:

1. playing computer games: there are kids who don’t do to the kitchen for eating, they ask for their food to be taken in front of the computer, and they are terribly angry if somebody disturbs them when they play a game
2. watching cartoons: a lot of kids watch cartoons so that they learn their replicas by heart. Cartoons which lead to hobbies are Disney ones and recently Scooby-Doo.
3. taking up different sports: football, handball, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball
4. playing a musical instrument: piano, guitar
5. looking after a pet: cat, dog, hamster, fish, parrot
6. bird watching, which means getting ready with binoculars and lots of patience and climbing mountains in order to watch eagles, for example
7. horse riding
8. collecting things: stamps, badges, postcards, pens

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