Active Hobbies

One of the best ways to give a kick start to your libido is with exercise. There are many activities the two of you can do together that will get your heart rate up and still be lots of fun. If you're into extreme sports, look into rock climbing, hang-gliding, scuba, rollerblading and skiing. Other active hobbies that can double as special interests built for two include biking, hiking, canoeing, golf, bowling, skateboarding, horseback riding, weightlifting and dancing.

Other less-strenuous activities you can do that still get you up and out of the house are fishing, gardening, boating, camping, shell collecting, metal-detecting, horse or dog racing and drumming

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Fun Hobbies for Couples

When you enter a relationship, you may find that although you spend lots of time together, you still tend to pursue hobbies and special interests in the same way you did when you were single---alone. You may be surprised to know that even the most content of couples can enhance their relationship by adding a fun activity they can do together. For the best results, find a hobby that peaks both your interests.