Candles Making hobby

Candles have been an ancient way of living through the dark nights, prior to the invention of electricity. And today, these are used to decorate homes. While in villages they may still be used as a source of light and warmth in the dark nights, in the urban areas there are some conscious citizens who use candles, whenever possible, rather than wasting electricity. Apart, from candle making being a hobby, it has become a business venture for many, across the world. They create designer candles and not only sell them locally, but some people also export them to various countries.
Given here is a basic method of making candles :
Divide the wax in accordance to the number of candles need to be made
Then melt the wax. This has to be done carefully. The wax has to put into a small aluminum vessel. This vessel containing the wax has to then be placed in a larger vessel containing water. Heat the vessel over the stove.
Once the wax has melted completely the wick has to be cut into strands of 6.5 cm, each. These have to be dipped in the melted wax and removed immediately. It then has to be inserted through the hole in the mould. The end has to be sealed with dough and the top has to be tied around a thin wire/pen for support.
In order to color the wax crayons can be used. According to the color desired, the crayon has to be melted along with the wax.
Then pour the melt wax into the mould. Once the surface begins to harden, prick it to let the entrapped air be released. This should done repeatedly, till the wax hardens completely.
Once the wax has hardened pour an additional layer of wax on top to get a smooth finish.
Let the candle set in the mould overnight
Remove the dough from the base of mould and then invert the mould so that the candle may slide out. Trim the wick on top to the required length.

    Hobby and Stress

    Stress has become the most common ailment in our lives. It’s hard to find a person who is not stressed at some point of time or another. The increasing competition in every sphere of life has further fuelled the elements of stress and anxiety. Each one of us wants to move forward in life at breathtaking pace. We are constantly struggling for time. People are finding it hard to indulge in their favourite hobbies. All these factors have made stress an omnipresent factor in the lives of humans. Stress has severe negative effects on one’s health, spirit and happiness.
    But all of us have a breaking point. At that point, we need to stop for a while and think what is causing stress and how to make life a wonderful experience all over again. Hobbies come into picture at this crucial juncture. Hobbies allow us to relax and pursue our long lost passions. Definition wise, hobby is essentially an activity that someone likes to indulge in during his/her spare time. Different people have different hobbies. It all depends upon particular likes and interests of a person. Hobbies bring mental satisfaction and a sense of rejuvenation.
    Indulging in a hobby allows individual to break free from his reality. He can stop worrying about daily chores, office work, family responsibilities etc and just please himself by doing something that gives him immense satisfaction. Pursuing a hobby is all about putting aside all the stress and tension. A stressed person is least likely to perform to his optimum. During such times, it is important to take a break from mundane chores and indulge in an activity that we had always desired but failed to pursue because of various reasons. Hobbies are instrumental in bringing energy back in an individual’s life. Time well spent on pursuing your hobby will lead to a fresh mind and consequently increased focus back on the work.
    Worldwide, experts are emphasising on including hobby in stress management techniques. Stressed people are encouraged to pursue their favourite activities. There are plenty of such activities that one can choose from depending upon his features, interests, characteristics and personality. Someone would like to go for indoor activities or some others are more excited about outdoor ventures. Those with artistic bend of mind can always go for painting, sculpting or writing. Those who seek adrenaline rush can opt for scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping etc. Similarly, a person can have several hobbies depending upon his moods. But the crucial aspect is to have a hobby that can play a significant role in removing stress.
    No matter, what hobby you pursue, the end result is same, i.e. gaining great pleasure and satisfaction. What also works in favour of practising a hobby is that, it has no deadlines, no rules and no pressure to perform. Spend as much time as you want. No one is going to talk about the end result. All you have to do is to please yourself. Hobbies offer other benefits as well. One can develop new skills and discover hitherto, unknown talents. Individuals can expand their horizons, make new contacts, develop relationships etc and get the most out of life.

    Sketching hobby

    Sketching is an age old hobby and one of the oldest forms of art. Usually, every child is first taught the use of pencils in creating drawings. The type of pencil one uses in pencil art is of primary importance. Pencils range from light ones towards shades of gray, to the darker shades, going onto black.  Pencil art is almost magical. It is splendid how a few strokes of lines make such a wonderful image! A sketch is one art that can be easily acquired with practice and patience. It is the basics of visual art medium.
    A pencil art requires you to work with a range of different shades of pencils to create a desired effect in the sketch. Pencil drawings are all about making creative marks on paper. Pencil drawing is the art achieved through the effective and precise use of pencil.
    This hobby is vast and includes Based on the tool: Human Face sketching, human body sketching, landscape sketching, object sketching and abstract sketching. These sketches are done using different strokes. These variable strokes can be created by either lifting the pencil, or putting pressure on it. This will create the desired shade. It is important to use a particular side-to-side motion by moving the pencil back and forth on the same area if one wants to have an even shading effect. Fine circular shading is another unique type of shading one can use. Care should be taken that one does not smudge the paper while drawing a sketch.
    Pencil sketches require keen observation and good drawing skills. This is a delicate medium to work with. The pencils that are needed for a typical sketch are: HB, 2B, 4B and 6B. HB is the usual pencil that most of us use. 2B, 4B and 6B are pencils that get darker as the number increases i.e. 6B is the darkest pencil that is used for dark strokes.  Pencil art is surely a beautiful medium and can be a very satisfying hobby.