Sketching hobby

Sketching is an age old hobby and one of the oldest forms of art. Usually, every child is first taught the use of pencils in creating drawings. The type of pencil one uses in pencil art is of primary importance. Pencils range from light ones towards shades of gray, to the darker shades, going onto black.  Pencil art is almost magical. It is splendid how a few strokes of lines make such a wonderful image! A sketch is one art that can be easily acquired with practice and patience. It is the basics of visual art medium.
A pencil art requires you to work with a range of different shades of pencils to create a desired effect in the sketch. Pencil drawings are all about making creative marks on paper. Pencil drawing is the art achieved through the effective and precise use of pencil.
This hobby is vast and includes Based on the tool: Human Face sketching, human body sketching, landscape sketching, object sketching and abstract sketching. These sketches are done using different strokes. These variable strokes can be created by either lifting the pencil, or putting pressure on it. This will create the desired shade. It is important to use a particular side-to-side motion by moving the pencil back and forth on the same area if one wants to have an even shading effect. Fine circular shading is another unique type of shading one can use. Care should be taken that one does not smudge the paper while drawing a sketch.
Pencil sketches require keen observation and good drawing skills. This is a delicate medium to work with. The pencils that are needed for a typical sketch are: HB, 2B, 4B and 6B. HB is the usual pencil that most of us use. 2B, 4B and 6B are pencils that get darker as the number increases i.e. 6B is the darkest pencil that is used for dark strokes.  Pencil art is surely a beautiful medium and can be a very satisfying hobby.

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