Candles Making hobby

Candles have been an ancient way of living through the dark nights, prior to the invention of electricity. And today, these are used to decorate homes. While in villages they may still be used as a source of light and warmth in the dark nights, in the urban areas there are some conscious citizens who use candles, whenever possible, rather than wasting electricity. Apart, from candle making being a hobby, it has become a business venture for many, across the world. They create designer candles and not only sell them locally, but some people also export them to various countries.
Given here is a basic method of making candles :
Divide the wax in accordance to the number of candles need to be made
Then melt the wax. This has to be done carefully. The wax has to put into a small aluminum vessel. This vessel containing the wax has to then be placed in a larger vessel containing water. Heat the vessel over the stove.
Once the wax has melted completely the wick has to be cut into strands of 6.5 cm, each. These have to be dipped in the melted wax and removed immediately. It then has to be inserted through the hole in the mould. The end has to be sealed with dough and the top has to be tied around a thin wire/pen for support.
In order to color the wax crayons can be used. According to the color desired, the crayon has to be melted along with the wax.
Then pour the melt wax into the mould. Once the surface begins to harden, prick it to let the entrapped air be released. This should done repeatedly, till the wax hardens completely.
Once the wax has hardened pour an additional layer of wax on top to get a smooth finish.
Let the candle set in the mould overnight
Remove the dough from the base of mould and then invert the mould so that the candle may slide out. Trim the wick on top to the required length.

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