Special hobbies taken up by men

Special hobbies taken up by men, in general are:

1. football or any other sport,
2. computers – Today every thing of yesteryears has been changed by computer revolution. There is much more than just games… It in fact opens a great large window of knowledge for every one.
3. movies,
4. traveling
5. driving
6. riding motorbikes
7. mountain climbing
8. photography – there is much more than just clicking. There are various types like still photography, digital photography and various techniques like adjusting range, light and shadow, printing techniques.
9. reading – Book are treasure of knowledge and this hobby will certainly come helping a long way in life.
10. playing cards (which may even lead to gambling and addiction)
11. fishing, especially in the case of extremely calm people
12. playing chess or backgammon, or GO

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