By trade and season hobby

mine are: Varies by season.

knee boarding, tubing, power boating, wakeboarding
riverboating, exploring and just enjoy the scenery
Hunting, a little fishing when not hunting
4 wheeling with ATVs
Amateur Radio (Ham radio)

Costs of a hobbie can become more of an issue than the time spent on it.
Most of my hobbies seem to fall under the heading of Crafting. But to me they aren't just hobbies. We have a

website and sell our items... so they have also become a business.
Beadwork (traditional indian and other forms)
Jewelry making (including the ancient wire working)
Yard Saleing! (yeah, that's a hobby!)
Leather work (both traditional indian and other)
Snowflakes (I collect them)
Forums (I enjoy them!)

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