Book Collecting hobby

Reading has always been an enjoyable activity providing a means to escape into fictional worlds with powerful heroes and evil villains, unlimited adventures and unforgettable stories. Reading also provides the means to expand your knowledge through non-fiction, biographies, and trade magazines.

But avid readers shouldn't overlook the pleasures of rare book and magazine collecting. Book Collecting offers a number of related activities that can provide hours of fun, expose you to new authors and reading material, and meet and interact with fellow collectors of similar interests online and at collecting conventions.
Pre-Internet book collecting relied on hunting through the dusty shelves of used bookstores, hitting garage sales and flea markets, and occasionally having your local used bookstore do a formal book search. This proved quite limiting depending on your local bookstores and many of us were never exposed to huge areas of collecting.
Post-Internet book collecting is entirely different. Web-based book search engines such as Alibris and ABEbooks have linked thousands of used book sellers together so that just about any book you could want, if available from someone, somewhere and its only a few mouse clicks and a credit card charge away.
Also, through various fan websites, e-zines and online articles, we are now exposed to more authors, genres, and publishers than ever before. We are only limited now by our interests and time limits.
Book collecting can take many different formats. For the most part, you can dive right in, tracking down your long lost favorite books with the Book Search options.
For those who enjoy collecting rare, first edition items, the internet provides access to those resources as well.

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