What is a Hobby?

Hobby is a thing that we do for our amusement in our leisure time.Life would be very boring without hobbies; we would appear like robots, without feelings, like color blind creatures, like aliens on our own planet. Hobbies give sense to our existence.Since early childhood we have a daily routine, since our first nursery school day. Therefore, in order to keep a balance between busy moments and free time we take up hobbies.We could talk about a long list of hobbies or about a list of hobbies and interests. These lists are different, depending on factors like age, sex, region, family background, education or personality.
Family background is also important in taking up a hobby. For example, in a family where one of the members is an artist, it is very probable that their children or sportsperson have the same hobbies or interests.

Hobbies depend on personality. A choleric person could never take up a hobby like making models, as he a she would not have the patience necessary.
Actually, life is great and you can make a hobby out of the most insignificant thing, with a little imagination, and it will help you have a positive thinking, and you even might consider you a happy person, even if from philosophical point of view happiness can be reached very rarely and only by a few people.

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