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Aren’t toddlers fun? I have a post coming in a few days that talks more extensively about my life with a toddler. Cora is giving her siblings a run for their money when it comes to toddlers who get themselves into a whole lot of trouble when mom isn’t looking. Her latest trick, throwing things in the kitchen garbage. This would be great if she was actually throwing away garbage, but she is throwing away things like silverware, cups, toys, and tupperware. Because of the way our garbage disposal is set up, we can’t fit a trash can under the kitchen sink so it is out in the open. It has a lid- but Cora quickly figured out how to get that open.
Hefty Trash Bags Review or My Life with a Toddler
After I realized that the reason we have no forks is because they were all sitting at the city dump I quickly moved the trash can into the pantry. Let’s just say that The Happier Husband was not happy with garbage sitting in the pantry. I wasn’t thrilled with it either, but I really like eating my food with silverware.
About that same time as the “garbage-gate” was unfolding, the folks at Hefty contacted me and asked if I would review their new unscented trash bags with odor block technology. The fact that they were unscented got me interested (I personally do not like anything scented) and if they blocked odor this might be a solution to our trash can in the pantry problem.
I have to admit, that I was a bit skeptical at first ( I usually am) but after trying them for over a week I am happy to report that they really do block the smell. While my preference is to keep the garbage under the sink, I really like these bags and will continue to use them because there is definitely less stinky-ness going on in the pantry.

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