Bad Hobbies/Habbits

My bad hobby/habit is gambling, albeit controlled/budgeted gambling. I spend x amount every month and not more than that, but if I think about how much I spent thus far its the equivalent of a small fortune. So I feel guilty now and then.
I know many people frown upon it and I thought of making a new years resolution to stop, but I like it so much I dont think I will persevere to stop.
Do you have a habit and are you trying to stop?
1. smoking
2. eating more then i need if it's yummy.
3. eating unhealthy stuff.
3. wondering around the house while i brush my teeth
4. watching too much crap on tv.
5. falling asleep in the bath
6. cooking too much food, or buying too many groceries and having to throw stuff away.
7. judging people too quickly.
8. inability to make conversation with people I just have no interest in.
9. spending too much money on stuff I don't really need.
10. not visiting my mom more often.
Drinking way to much coffee; falling asleep too early; other than that, not really any other bad habbits. I enjoy and like most of the things I do.
I also believe that any habbit (good or bad) CAN be broker in 2 weeks.
You just have to be strong and put your mind to it.
It is as simple as that. Period.

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