Which hobby best suits your personality?

While visiting Cutter’s blog I saw his post about testing yourself on which hobbies would suit your personality. I didn’t really need this test to tell me what hobbies I prefer either, but I took it any way. CNN.com Take it yourself if your not sure what hobbies you like.
You can’t be cooped up! People like you need to breathe fresh air and commune with nature. Feeling the dirt, rocks, water or sand beneath your feet and hands and having the wind in your face makes you feel alive. You’ll take the outdoors any way you can get it, whether you’re dangling from ropes, paddling a boat or speeding down the countryside on a dirt bike. You might like hobbies like spelunking, motocross, hiking, deep sea diving, white water rafting, ultimate Frisbee or other outdoor team sports.
Now I need a test to tell me how I can have more time and money for my hobbies.

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