Make Money from Your Eating Hobby

I’m not telling a joke. You can make money from your eating hobby, I swear. An eating lover is a person who does not just want to full up his empty bell, he also love the feeling that taste and smell bring him. He love trying new food and new way to cook and enjoy food. So if these are all about you, here is your oportunity.

How can you earn money from your eating hobby?

1. Taste new kind of food and write a review about it

A traditional food or a new cuisine of a restaurant… You can taste it and then write a review about it. Then you can sell your review to some fodd and restaurant magazines. Or you can sell it on some review buing website and earn money from them.

2. Write introduction for a restaurant

They will pay you to write a nice introduction for them.

3. Become a professional taster

You can have a high salary with that job. The only thing that you need to do is tasta as more food as possible and try to analyse them by your tongue. By and by you will become a professional taster.

4. Create new recipes

As an artist who combining several kind of sound together and create a new song. You will combine several kind of taste and smell to create a new food. You can sell your recipe to the restaurant, write a cooking book or you can open your own restaurant and cook with your own recipe.

5. Discover new kind of food

Do you know that in Indochina, people eat the ducks when they are still in the egg? Or have you ever hear that the Vietnamese eat cat meat?

You can discover several kind of food and then you can sell your information.

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